Let's innovate the patient financial experience together

We know it is going to take a collaborative effort to solve the greatest challenges in the revenue cycle, and exceed the needs of providers and patients.

We believe in the quintuple win – a win for the provider, a win for you, a win for us, a win for your developers, and most importantly, a win for the patient.

So whether you are a developer at a provider, start-up, established health IT application, a technology backed services provider to healthcare, or payer wanting to improve the patient experience, we want to hear from you.

How the process works

We’ve found that no two healthcare revenue cycles are the same, and often, the data behind the scenes is different from provider to provider. That’s why we’ve set up a process to help walk through the right steps to make sure our mutual clients are set up for success with an integrated solution.


Sign up for your API key. Provide some quick details about you and your organization so we can talk! Gain Access to our test system and data.


Using our documentation and test data resources, start coding to our Revenue Cycle API. Send test accounts and get test responses. Want to show us what you made? We love to see innovation! Want to tell your customer’s you’ve coded to our API? Please do!


No two providers are alike in the data they send to drive our platform. At this step we can align implementation plans, data sets, and API pricing for an integrated go-live event for a healthcare provider.


We believe in the “quintuple” win. A win for patients, providers, your company, your developers, and us.

Apply to be a partner, and we’ll review the possibilities!

Integrate For Success!

Key Things To Know

Our focus is on the entire patient encounter. From eligibility to authorization, to estimation, claims status, and payment, our API is designed to consider as much of the patient financial experience as possible. So rather than multiple endpoints that break the model up, we’ve chosen to simplify and harness the value of the whole platform and potential patient encounter but still make it possible to only use what you need.

Content is the key to success in the revenue cycle, and translating provider content—scheduling, coded diagnoses, locations of service, payer responses, and next best actions requires careful coordination of data from start to finish.

We recommend that you read the API documentation before getting started. It most importantly details how our platform works, and why it is important for us to be connected as we deploy a solution to clients.